Meet Our Founder

In everything she does, Kaeleen seeks opportunities to learn, meet new people and ideally connect with like minded-minded individuals who can strike a balance between meaningful work and a life full of experiences.

After traveling for years, for both business and pleasure, she came to the realization that how a woman carries a bag, says a great deal about her. 

On a mission to embrace the freedom of being on-the-go and an undeniable sense of adventure, Kaeleen created the KYARI brand and began development of KYARI's luxurious line of travel and overnight bags.

Meticulously working on designs, measuring out all aspects, she specifically tailored them to provide women with style and versatility.

For inspiration she looked to the elegance and iconography of Greece, and to the design edge of Japan. The word "kyari" means to "carry" in Japanese. Then, in Florence, Italy, she located a family of artisans who would collaborate on the manufacturing process. 
"Carrying the right bag, an elegant, exceptionally made, and practical one that holds what I need when I'm on the go, would surely bring about more confidence. And this confidence would be reflected in the way we carry ourselves."


Kaeleen has earned a reputation as a woman who steps out of her comfort zone. To experience and define a path of her own is a challenge she goes after everyday.