Meet Our Founder


On a mission to embrace an undeniable sense of adventure, Kaeleen created the KYARI brand and began development of KYARI's luxurious line of travel and overnight bags.

In July of 2016, while several designs were in the works, Kaeleen decided on KYARI's slogan, "For Women Who Know Where They're Going."

The woman who carries a KYARI bag IS READY regardless of the destination. She's going after what she wants in life – she's here to do great things. 

And while a lot of energy and dedicated work has gone into the design process – sketching designs, creating prototypes, sourcing manufacturers, choosing the perfect manufacturer in Italy, producing salesman samples, testing the market, and finally, producing a full production – Kaeleen feels that creating a community, energized with passionate women, is the most exciting aspect of building the KYARI brand. 

In fact, what interests Kaeleen most is connecting with, encouraging and inspiring these women. That's why there is an editorial section bringing to light the stories of women who are on a mission: Know Where You're Going.

Kaeleen has earned a reputation as a woman who steps out of her comfort zone. And in everything she does, she seeks opportunities to learn, meet new people and ideally connect with like minded-minded individuals who can strike a balance between meaningful work and a life full of experiences.