It is easy to feel intimidated at the prospect of a conversation with Brooke Soliz Taylor. Young, accomplished (she was voted one of the most beautiful women in Dallas in 2015), but modest about her considerable skills and talents, she is actually very easy to talk to.  “I’ve always worn many hats,” she says, “and I have an explorer personality so not only do I want to learn, but I want to try things. Although it’s been a roundabout journey, I am glad I’ve done things this way, now I know for sure that I’m doing what I love and I can never say I didn’t have the opportunity!”

Brooke graduated from Harvard with a degree in political science, thinking that she might attend law school. Instead, she took herself off to South Korea to teach English for a year. But her home state of Texas pulled her back and she joined a TV station in Lubbock as a reporter. Being in front of a camera was natural and easy; Brooke has been modelling since the age of 12 and likes working in on-camera journalism. In time she moved to Dallas to work in TV and media and eventually to Hollywood to work on well-known TV shows as a host. That’s the short form version.

Frankly, that kind of resume would be quite enough for anyone in her mid-thirties, but Brooke has other interests and her life has taken other, more circuitous routes, all of which she feels help make her the woman she is today. For instance, her mother had renal disease and was in a coma for two months, and from the age of 4 years, Brooke grew up, she says, “to appreciate doctors and to learn as much about healthcare and wellness as possible.” In her 20s she took a job working for Pfizer for 2 years.

She’s also worked in Silicon Valley, the third person hired in a start-up which she helped build. The company is a data analytics software company. She's always had a strong interest in technology and excellent social skills, which she utilized to interface with clients and c-suite executives assisting with data analysis. Today, that company has 120 employees.

A newly re-launched lifestyle blog, keeps Brooke busy along with her role as single mom to her daughter, Isabella, and Brooke travels a great deal, often with Isabella, between Dallas and the West Coast managing the Zilos group. The agency is focused on public relations, marketing, and social media agency, and helps companies attract and maintain audiences, customers, and clients. Brooke's client list includes doctors, lawyers, cosmetic companies, and restaurants.

How does she keep track of everything?

“My primary calendar is Google,” says Brooke. “I also use Asana, a project management tool, and Evernote. My smartphone is everything! We travel a great deal between Dallas and Los Angeles, and Isabella knows what to do when we go through security and what she needs on the plane, snacks, coloring books and an extra blanket.”

For the future? Brooke concedes that owning and running your own company is a huge undertaking but she’s also considering attending law school while simultaneously pondering the idea of a television show where she hosts social media influencers.

We asked Brooke for 5 things she would tell her younger self (let’s not forget she’s still young) and things she will no doubt pass on to her daughter.

  1. Stick to your authenticate self when you go to college (don’t succumb to all the same things that other freshmen are engaging in). Take care of yourself. All those friends will still be there when you graduate. Just stay focused.
  2. Even if you have a different idea of what your career might be, it's never too early to seek out mentors, shadow them and learn about what they do, ask for assistance, learning as you go, and that’s often an entry point, putting in the practical experience and networking.
  3. I should have told myself to love myself, and put myself first. Wellness is everything. Feed yourself and work out. People can tell the difference between someone who loves themselves, and someone who does not. You will have high expectations of yourself if you love yourself first.
  4. While in college learn things outside of school, read about practical things in life, read about finances, take care of your spiritual self, ask about how to manage money, don’t be scared to ask for the advice you need.
  5. Learn at an early age to make a schedule, make habits out of positive things, be tidy, juggling everything I juggle today I must know where everything is, and I must have a routine. If I am messy figuratively and literally, I can’t be productive in life!