Your Bucket-list Needs a Little More MPH - Monaco

James Bond certainly isn't the only one who has had some fun in Monte-Carlo... in this post, I talk about my experience watching the highest class of racing in one of the most well-known locations throughout the world.

And I’ll tell you… wow was I “wowed”...

The race I’m talking about is the famous Monaco Formula One Grand Prix. Admittedly, I knew the outline of this particular track far better than I knew its surrounding terrain.

In fact, I was more excited to hear what sounded like a swarm of angry bees racing through the streets than I was to sink my teeth into a genuine Mediterranean meal. And while that sounds crazy to some, to those who love adrenaline (the kind that runs through your bloodstream at 200 mph), you know exactly what I mean.

It took us roughly 15 hours of flying, from Austin to London and London to France, and what felt like a short drive from the airport to the beautiful Mediterranean coastline of Monaco. 

Not surprising to those who know me, I traveled with two carry-on bags (yes, I packed for 7 days with plenty of options!)… If you’re curious, I'll add a link to end of this post directing you to my packing list!

Now, if you’re going to go on a trip like this for the first time, specifically to watch the Formula One race, it’s best to put that portion of the trip into experienced hands. Our group of four chose a company called My Yacht Group.

Their specialty was to provide a unique watching experience from, you guessed it, the water! Thanks to this decision, our entire race experience, which could have been quite a guessing game, was indeed a luxury.

One of my favorite "wows," was our transportation (quite possibly the sexiest boat I’ve ever been on) that took us from our hotel to our watching spot on a gorgeous navy blue yacht, appropriately named Lady in Blue. 

Built by Silver Arrows Marine in collaboration with Mercedes Benz Style... that, my friends, is what traveling in style looks like. And I think you'll agree, it is definitely pleasing on the eyes and very worthy of being called a "pleasure craft" as described in a not-so-recent Maxim article reviewing this sleek 46-foot long beauty.

Odds are, even if racing isn’t your thing, you’re still reading because to some extent, you’re an enthusiast of travel. So, let's get to the good stuff! Here's a glimpse of this legendary destination and an unforgettable Moncao F1 experience from a first-timers view...

Our first stop within the tiny independent city-state of Monaco was our home base for the next four nights at the beautiful Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort. 

Although everyone in our group of four had outnumbered me in terms of luggage, during the drive there, all of us were on the same page smiling ear to ear as we rode on the very same streets that Hamilton, Button and Vettel would be racing upon on the days ahead. 

Along with its elegance, the resort's entryway welcomed us with a Formula One Ferrari race car and unique F1 inspired art pieces inside.

Just beyond the hotel grounds and its inviting sandy bottom lagoon, was the Mediterranean Sea, decorated with the most glamorous yachts that only an event such as Formula One would draw to it’s coastline. This resort was nothing short of chic and relaxing. 

Relaxing so much so that it was hard to believe its occupancy was over 80% during race weekend.

Coming from the United States, our internal clocks had us ready for meals at times that were much earlier than the locals, which may have had something to do with feeling like we were among only a few guests there!

This made for early meals at Buda Bar, Blue Bay, and Nobu at the Fairmont Monte Carlo. An incredible food blog could be in the making... but onto the apps and bubbles on our beautiful yacht!

On that beautiful yacht I just claimed to be ours, My Yacht Group hosted a welcome party Friday night before the big race. That night, we entered on a red carpet, bare-footed, and ready to mingle! There, on our floating front row, we met other amazing attendees and danced the night away. 

This was only time we were able to board and deboard from the street... which made for a fun walk back to our hotel and plenty of race track photo opportunities!

With so much to cover about this fast-and-furious four days in Monaco, like dancing the night away at Jimmy’z and Twiga, strolling through the famous tunnel of the F1 track, lounging on the pool deck with coconut drinks and good friends... And of course, the Grand Prix race, it would feel like robbery to exclude any of it.

However, since a video is in the works, I'll be leaving you with a coconut and a cliffhanger!

This adventure was by far an incredible memory for 2017 that can only be duplicated by way of social media shares and relived to the extent of scrolling through the images and videos captured. Even missing a performance from Bruno Mars by one night couldn’t knock this experience (although it couldn't have hurt!).

Stay tuned for a bit more fun! 

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Curious about what I packed? ... Here's my list!